help find horus

Meet Horus. Horus was last seen on Saturday, July 26th in River Landings subdivision. River Landings is in Raleigh, NC, off Buffaloe Rd. near the I-540 exit. There is a $300 reward being offered for finding Horus. If Horus needs medical attention any and all medical expenses will be paid for. Horus was wearing a collar, but is no longer. You may be able to see an impression in the fur around his neck. Please consider that Horus could have been taken, unintentionally relocated or just wandering. Horus's family appreciates any and all leads, even the bad ones. We will continue to look for him until we know what happened. He is a fantastic pet, a great cat, is much loved and very missed.

Horus's Doctor is: Magnolia Animal Hospital (919) 873-9190

get to know Horus

  • Horus will be 6 years old on September 17, 2008
  • has a Home Again / AKC Companion Animal Recover microchip. #2270151618
  • weighed approximately 14 lbs when he went missing
  • is all orange but slightly white on lips and muzzle
  • is a neutered male
  • has extra toes on front feet (like thumbs) called 'polydactyl' or a 'hemingway cat'
  • has very large front and back feet
  • snores when he sleeps
  • likes to sleep on his back
  • loves to knead knitted material, loves knitting and is a wool sucker
  • drools when petted
  • is very friendly and has a trilling meow
  • grew up with two dogs and is not afraid of dogs
  • doesn't mind if you hold him on his back
  • will let you touch his feet and ears without protest
  • has seven full stripes on his tail
  • is a medium / large orange mackerel tabby (stripes, not blotches)
  • is very easy going and not at all aggressive
  • is current on all shots and vaccines
  • has all of his claws
  • has small orange freckles on his nose